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This may give you some helpful ideas

The core of Simon's practice is NOT well characterised as a product or standard offering: it is the opposite. You want a hand thinking about something in your business and achieving bankable results as a consequence - you call Simon.

That said, he does have several activities that are a bit more "off the shelf" although in truth these are always tuned to a client's circumstances and not slaves to a cookie cutter. They include:

  1. Strategy Review - What's really going on? (in this industry? market? business or BU?); How does it really work? What's the game? Where's the value? Can we win, and how? What do we need to know and do externally...and/ or internally?

  2. Performance Culture Systems - Organisation and Operating Model redesign and implementation - particularly in collaboration with colleague Andrew Steele and others

  3. Capital Plan and Project Review - particularly in collaboration with colleague John Crawford and others 

  4. One off Strategic Issue Conversations - easy and fun for both parties, these generate high insight fast, represent real stand alone value, and give you a sense of how effective we might be working together

  5. External partner to internal project teams - increasingly clients are able to "pick the eyes" out of what external advisors bring to their work: they want the objectivity and experience and expertise - but they don't want the fees or the hoards or the power points or the bullying and lack of ownership. A well chosen external contributor can help with team success and give confidence to project governance

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